"For the sake of Allah, there is no place better than him, who believed in me when all the dissenters, who believe in me when all the deniers, who sacrificed all his wealth as all trying to defend it and darinyalah I get the offspring."

"For the sake of Allah, there is no place better than him, who believed in me when all the dissenters, who believe in me when all the deniers, who sacrificed all his wealth as all trying to defend it and darinyalah I get the offspring."

So the Prophet depicts the personality of Siti Khadijjah-Zubair, his first wife. A true wife, the muslimah with all the ability of self sacrifice for the sake of the triumph of Islam.

Siti Khadijah-Zubair descended from respectable, had not a few treasures as well as famous as an assertive and intelligent woman. Not once twice the leaders of quraish tried to CITRA himself. But his choice, thus in fact fell on a young man named Muhammad, a young man who is reputed to be a trusted (al-amin), who is not tempted by wealth and beauty Siti Khadijah-Zubair

Siti Khadijah-Zubair was the first woman to believe in Allah and his Messenger. It helps a lot in affirming the determination of Prophet Muhammad when carry out dakwah treatise. He always tried to ease the pain of heart and eliminates fatigue and suffering experienced by her husband, in carrying out the task of preaching to enforce sentences of unity. This is the privilege and the virtue of Khadija in the history of the struggle of Islam. He is the source of power that is behind the Messenger of Allah.

Faithful Whenever

Let's discover the thrilling events again the heart of the Prophet. That event was the receipt of the first revelation at Hira. Upon returning home, the King said to his beloved, "I felt worried to me."

Siti Khadijah-Zubair trying menabahkan liver ditaatinya husband by saying, "o you make it, for the sake of God, God will not mengecewakanmu because he is a man who always nurture and keep the family and was able to assume the responsibility. Yourselves to be known as the helper who is miserable, as a host of fun guests, lightweight hand in giving help, always speak true and faithful to the mandate. "

Are there any other women who may welcome such good historical events that occurred on Cave Hira as done by Khadijah to her husband? What was said by Saying to her husband at the time faced a major event it shows how great the trust and affection of a wife to her husband. Khadijah did not feel the slightest hesitation or doubt in his heart. The issue is, can we apply?

Siti Khadijah-Zubair was the women's rich and famous. He could have been alive with his own bermewah-mewah. However, all of them willingly dikorbankannya to facilitate the duties of the husband. This clearly shows he was the woman who pushed the progress of the hero of mankind, protect the greatest fighters in history to bring about peace in the household life. This attitude became one source of power of the Prophet throughout their lives together.

Loyal Wherever

Let's understand it thoroughly, as well as a description of some of hayati fidelity has built the strength of Khadija in self and life preserver that Islamic treatises.

Throughout his life with the Messenger of ALLAH, Siti Khadijah so faithfully accompanies the King in any event love and grief. Every time her husband to Hira, he must prepare all provision and needs. If the Prophet Muhammad some time is not coming back, he will come looking to ensure the safety of the husband. If the Prophet khusyuk bermunajat, he lived at home with her husband so impatient to go home. When her husband complained of trouble as well as being in a State of agitation, as strong as he quieted down and comforted the hearts of her husband to the point that is covered. Any threats and persecution faced together. Even in many of the activities of the religious Prophet, Siti Khadijah-Zubair Ensured there were always together and help the King from getting the little things like providing water to take the ablutions.

Love of Khadijah is not simply the love of the husband, a clear contrast is based on a strong conviction about the oneness of Allah SWT. Any sacrifice for her husband is sincere to find keridlaan God Almighty. God is Fair in giving his grace. Any practice which was carried out with full sincerity will surely get the rewards are eternal. It set forth in his word:

Whoever worked on the practice of pious, good man and women in a State of faith, then surely we will give him a good life and, indeed, we will give a reply to them with more reward b

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